Monday, January 28, 2013

Restoring a Doll's Hair

She really is a sweet doll and Claire of course loves her!  Claire loves her long hair and drags her around the house, pushes her down the slide, rolls around with her on the sofa and sleeps with her!

As darling as she is, her long hair can get into quite a big mess.  

Like many dolls, she comes with some accessories to keep her looking in tip top shape! 
A brush...

A mirror...

Neither of these things actually work when taming a mane like Rapunzel's.  

After doing some internet research, we went to the beauty supply shop and got a wig brush.  Why a wig brush?  It has metal bristles with no little knobs on the ends.  This is supposed to glide through the hair with ease and no cause static that a plastic brush would cause.  

It costs about $3. 

I also ran across several sites that suggested using fabric softener as a detangler.  I didn't want to make Rapunzel's hair too greasy so I made a solution of about 2 TBSP of fabric softener and the rest water - this is a little travel spray bottle - it has now become Rapunzel's Magic Hair Spray.

Start slowly and spray lightly and it will start to look better.  Here is a side by side shot of Rapunzel's hair.  One side if done and the other isn't. 

Look how great she looks - back to factory condition! 

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