Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY EASY Swim Suit Cover-Up

Post found HERE

You'll need...
1.75 yards of jersey or stretchy cotton material, about 2x your waist measurement OR your waist + hip measurement)
Thread + needle or sewing machine
(1) Cut it. Decide the length & width of your fabric. You want it to wrap around your body a bit loosely. I chose to have mine hit just above my knees. You'll also need to make underarm areas. I did that by folding it in half and cutting a deep "C". (*you may need more or less fabric depending on your size- about your waist + hip measurement)
(2) Braid it. Next, take some extra fabric to create the braided straps. I took two pieces of fabric (1 yard by 5 inches) and cut them each into 3 pieces. I did it that way so that even if the little pieces weren't the same width, the finished product would be equal since each strap would be made from 5 inches of width. Knot the ends of 3 pieces together and braid, knot again. Repeat for the other strap. 
(3) Attach it. Pin the braids to the corners of the underarm areas. Adjust the length until they fit your shoulder. Sew them. I used white thread so that you can see, but obviously your thread should match.
Cutting in the angle
(4) Adjust it. Try it on and see if it fits well. Do you need to take more fabric off the sides or bottom? Do you need to shorter the shoulder straps? At this point, I angled one side of the cover up. I may go back and angle both sides. Another option: if it's bunching too much in back, you can add in a tapered curve. Start at one end and slowly increase your curve shape til the mid point and then back up to the other side. About 4-6 inches should be the deepest point- at the middle of the wrap. Remember- you can always cut off more later.
(5) Wear it. Start with the fabric behind you and wrap one side across your body, putting your arm through the strap. Repeat. Move the fabric around so that it lays nicely. Admire. You can choose to hem the entire project if you'd like. With Jersey, it doesn't fray so it isn't necessary, the unhemmed jersey will just roll a bit. Personally, I blog 5x per week + work 50 hours, so I'd rather skip that step. It will look more professional if you hem, of course.