Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hooded Towels

I love this idea!  My sister-in-law had some of these and I had to share the idea with you!  I found it HERE.all!  This version uses a wash cloth, but clock HERE for another way to make them. 

Here's how to make them:
1.  You will need a regular sized bath towel, one wash cloth, matching thread, and a sewing machine.

2.  Cut the tags out of the wash cloth.  The wash cloth will be the hood of the final product.

3.  Fold the wash cloth in half, inside out.  Measure with your pointer finger on the folded edge.  This is where you will start sewing.

4.  Sew from that point, all the way to the corner, forming a triangle.

5.  Fold the triangle away from the front of the hood and sew it down along the edges.

6.  Do the same thing to the other side of the hood/wash cloth.

7.  Turn the hood right side out.

8.  Fold the towel in half.

9.  The center is on top of the red and yellow pin located in the middle shown here.  Fold about a pointer finger's distance to meet the inside, center of the towel.  Pin the towel in place and do the same thing to the other side.

10.  Lay the completed wash cloth/hood on top of the center where pins are located, making sure to center as well.    The front of the hood should be on top as shown.

11.  Sew all layers together, except for the front of the hood.

12.  It's best to finish the inside with a needle and thread to keep all the layers from showing, plus it will give the hood and towel connection some extra strength for durability.

See how much prettier that is now!

Her son modeling the finished product. 

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