Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bed Bath and Beyond

So, I just learned some valuable information about Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Did you know that those 20% off coupons can be used even after they're expired?  The same with the $5 off a purchase of $15.  Although it's unofficial, all the stores do it.  ALL OF THEM.   And, may of the sales people will hand you a coupon if you forgot yours, AND they will also tell you that if you forgot your coupon (and they don't have one for you) you can bring back your receipt and they will refund you the 20% from your purchase, usually with store credit.

And, the best of all:  You know how I told you about getting seasonal Yankee Candles there for 25% off and using your buy-one-get-one free coupon?  Well, add to that a 20% off coupon of $5 off coupon!  Really!  You could get 2 candles for as little as $13.75 (with the $5 off coupon, or $15 with the 20% off) .  And they are originally $25 EACH! And, if you you don't like the scents they have on sale, bring them back later to exchange them for any scent you like!  Or take them to your local Yankee Candle store.  It's just that easy!

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