Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't Get Ripped Off

One way to get the most out of your money is to get what you paid for.  Many companies will make promises that aren't always lived up to.  Maybe your product goes bad before it should, or maybe it doesn't work like they promised.  Or maybe, you just aren't satisfied in it.  Well, don't waste your money by throwing it away, or just using it, even though it doesn't work.  Get your money back, or get it replaced!

1) Most products have a 1-800 number provided on the back.  The companies value your feedback and will often replace or refund the product that didn't meet your standards.
2) If dairy or produce products don't last until their expiration date, or you get them home and realize they are rotten, call the grocery store and explain to them what happened.  They will replace your product.  I have had to do this several different times with milk that went bad too early.  They replaced it with no questions asked!
3) Return it!  If you don't use something you bought that is still in the package, or it's not what you wanted, take it back!  Wal-Mart is great at accepting returns, Target is usually too!  And most other stores will take things back and at least give you store credit.

Here are a few things I have called about/returned/or got refunded for:

  • Milk - went bad before listed expiration date
  • Umbrellas (Bed Bath and Beyond is AWESOME about exchanging faulty merchandise without a receipt)  I had to exchange our umbrella's that we bought there at least 2 times for each umbrella.  Now I need to take it back again and just get my money back. 
  • 15 minute Battery Charger-Charged the batteries, but they'd lose their charge after 30 minutes.  I got my money back and didn't even have to send it back!
  • An Awful smelling air freshener
  • Vitamins that changed colors on me (gross!)
  • Laundry stain remover that didn't work
  • Yankee Candle that didn't burn down all the way (They guarantee their candles will burn evenly down to 1/2 and inch.  This one was awful!
  • And more!
All of them were legitimate reasons.  And with each, I either got reimbursed or a coupon for a free replacement.   Just call or e-mail and explain your issue.  They are more than happy to help you.  Don't be afraid to get what you should for your money.

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