Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't Get OverCharged! Ask For A Supervisor

How many times have you had fees from your bank that you shouldn't have had to pay?  How many times have you been billed for something that you shouldn't have been billed for?  This happens more than you would expect.  It's not that the fees or billing was not part of the terms of your bank or service, but that the situation was outside of the normal. 

For example:
I forgot to add Hudson to our insurance when he was born.  So we were billed over $2000 for services provided to him when he was born.  Now, my maternity coverage should have covered all expenses while I was in there, but they denied these since Hudson wasn't on our insurance.  I called and was told that it was too late to add Hudson and we'd have to pay the bill.  However, upon calling back and talking to a supervisor, she explained that under these circumstances, even though Hudson wasn't on our policy, the bill should be covered.  She resubmitted it and now we don't have to pay the $2200+.  Praise the Lord!

Another example:
Our bank charged us a fee to use an out of state ATM, AND the ATM charged us a fee.  Now, this is the bank's policy, however, it's not right.  And I know several other banks that wouldn't do this.  So I called and they agreed to take the fee off.  You can also do this for overdraft fees (Sometimes the order of your deposits/payments are off and it resulted in an overdraft).  Or if you forget to cancel a service and a fee is charged, call and cancel the service and ask for the fee to be reversed. 

If you feel that there was a misunderstanding, or your situation warrants a little extra consideration, don't be afraid to ask for it.  However, ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR as most of the customer service reps you talk to are not authorized to take these special situations into consideration.  And, if the supervisor you talk to can't/won't help you, and you feel you are in the right...Ask for their supervisor and keep escalating it until your situation is resolved to your liking. 

This works for credit scoring and cell phones and everything!  If you have any questions about your situation, let me know!  But don't be afraid to ask, even if it seems impossible. (I only asked a supervisor for the insurance situation because Joe told me too.  I didn't think they'd be able to do anything but I was wrong! $2200+ wrong!)

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