Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cute!! & Easy!!! Make A Scarf From and Old T-shirt

Here are some neat ideas to make some stylish scarves from old t-shirts!  It's SO easy too!!

A Fringe Scarf:
 Here's how:

A Rope/Spaghetti scarf:
Here's how:

Or this scarf (not sure of a name, but I made this one!)
 Here's how:
  1. lay t-shirt out flat (make sure you can get 8-12)
  2. Use paper plate to trace 8-12 circles on t-shirt (4-6 on each side of the shirt, you can cut both sides at once)
  3. cut out circles (cut inside your lines so you don't have marker on your scarf)
  4. cut each fabric circle into a spiral like the picture below
  5. stretch each piece of fabric and lay all pieces together
  6. tie around your neck and place a pretty flower pin to dress it up!

 A Tube Scarf:
Here's how:
 Cut the t-shirt under the arm pit, or lower depending on how wide you want it.
 You can wear it as shown above or like this:

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