Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mark Your Calendars!

FREE Event for the Family!

The Offut Air Show is coming again to Omaha!!  Check out my pictures from a few years ago: Here,  here,  & here!
The dates are August 25 - 26, 2012, and it's FREE!!!!  Here are some planes that will be there this year.
USN F/A-18 E/F 
Super Hornet Demo
Harrier Demo
Kevin Coleman 
Warbird Performers
P-51D, B-25, A-1E, Zero
(a Japanese Zero to act out a battle that would have occurred at Pearl Harbor.)
Lima Lima 6-Ship T-34 Formation

And each year, they are never able to announce it for security purposes, but there has (so far) always been an appearance from...
...the B-2 Stealth bomber. 
It has made an appearance the last 4 years, so I bet it'll be there this year too!
It's an amazing show, and it's free. You can bring your lunch, but no coolers or back packs are allowed on the property.  You can carry it in or go back to your car to eat.  Or, there are many vendors there you can buy food from. 
Don't miss it!!  It's pretty loud, so you may want ear plugs for your kids.  But Josh didn't have any last year (except at nap time) so you're ok with out them too.

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