Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Cheesecake Factory!

Our family LOVES to secret shop Cheesecake Factory.  Here's how it works:
Go to the Mystery Guest Website and on the left column, click "Register to shop/dine with us"
Fill out the application and it should bring up a Cheesecake Factory close to you.

They will send you e-mails occasionally with open shops, or you can log onto the website and look for open shops.

How it's Free:
They no longer reimburse you for your purchase, but now they give you a gift card, regardless of how much you spent!  You're only required to buy one meal (big enough for two people to share) or an appetiser, and one beverage.  You could do this as cheap as $15!

For a lunch shop, they send you a $30 gift card after you complete the shop. (Takes about 6 weeks) For a dinner or late night shop, they will give you $40.  If you only spend $15-20 the first time, you could almost double your money with the gift card.

You can shop once every 3 months, so save your gift card if you want and you'll never have to pay again!

(We recommend the Louisiana Chicken Pasta.  Mmmm!!)

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