Thursday, November 3, 2011

Water Balloon Yo-Yo

1 small balloon
1 large rubber band

1.       Cut the rubber band in half.
2.       Tie a loop securely on one end of the rubber band.  It should be big enough to fit around your finger.
3.       Use the garden hose or water faucet to full the balloon ¼ oh the way with water.
4.       Blow air into the balloon until it is the size of a tennis ball.  Tie the balloon shut. 
5.       Securely tie the rubber band around the knot on the balloon.
6.       Place the rubber band loop around your middle finger and gently throw the balloon toward the ground.  When the balloon springs back toward your hand, try to grab it. 
7.       If you want, use markers and stickers to decorate your balloon.

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