Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hy-Vee Kids Club

Did you know that Hy-Vee has a Kid's Club? I just found out about it this week.  Apparently, any child, infant to age 12, is eligible to sign up for the Kid's Club. There are great benefits involved too! From my understanding you go to customer service and sign your child up. They will be given a name tag that they can wear in the store. When they wear this name tag they can:
  • Get a FREE gogurt tube in the dairy department
  • Get a FREE cookie from the bakery
  • Get a FREE sucker from the pharmacy
  • Get a FREE fruit snack from customer service
  • Get a FREE beef or cheese stick from the meat counter
  • Get a FREE seasonal fruit from the produce department
I believe they even get something sent to them for their birthday.  Also, with the purchase of an adult meal, kids will eat free at the deli.  Your children will also be put on a mailing list and be alerted by Hy-Vee when they have fun FREE events going on!!!

Each store may vary, so don't hold me to what I listed above.  :-)  But I better go get Josh signed up for this before his birthday next week!

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