Wednesday, August 10, 2011

*Updated* Hy-Vee Facebook Special!!

FB SPECIAL!! Thurs, 8/11 only. Save $1 off any box of Hy-Vee cereal! Most of their cereals are price declined to $2 right now so that would get you down to just $1 for a box of cereal. NO LIMIT. Great time to stock up with school around the corner. Go to Customer Service to get your FaceBook coupon for this great special.
**This works on the bags of Hy-Vee cereal too.  The ones located by the Malt-o-meal cereal.  I would suggest only getting the smaller bags, because if you get the big bags, its not as good of a deal.  There are about 6 types of cereal in the small bags, but you get more in the bags than you do in the boxes and its the same price!
And, green grapes are only 88 cents a pound this Thursday and Friday.  Looks like we're heading to Hy-Vee tomorrow.  Or, I could stay up a few more hours and go...

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