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Two Easy Ways To Remove Jar Labels

Two Easy Ways To Remove Jar Labels

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The holidays are just around the corner and to me that 
means more crafts.  Glass jars are a great way to recycle 
for not only craft projects but are wonderfully useful for 
storage, rustic vases, and even for cleaning solutions. 

Cleaning the labels and the sticky residue off of jars can be an 
intimidating and time-consuming process.  I'm sure we've all 
tried peanut butter, vinegar, hot water, soap, dishwasher, 
oils, etc.  The list goes on and on when you ask people
how they remove their labels.  I've tried a variety of methods 
and have narrowed it down to the two that I find most effective 
and efficient.  You pick which one works for you!  

Gather up several jars at a time to be more efficient.  
 I like to do lots of different sizes and shapes  - some of the 
jars even have really beautiful designs on them.
For each method, remove as much of the label as 
possible first.  An easy way to get the adhesive to release 
is to fill the jar with really hot water.  Be careful when 
handling the jar and don't burn yourself!  

Let the jar sit for a few minutes so the adhesive can turn more to a liquid and then start gently peeling off the label.

First Method: Olive Oil

Olive Oil is my favorite method because it's 
eco-friendly and is super easy.  Pour a couple 
drops of oil onto a paper towel and rub at the 
remaining residue from the label.  Keep rubbing 
until all residue is gone.  This should only take a 
minute or two.  Make sure to wash your jar 
afterward to get the oil off.  I just run mine 
through the dishwasher. 

Second Method: Polish Remover
This method is actually a little faster than the olive oil but you have to deal with the fumes from the nail polish remover.  (You can see here that I combat this issue with "cucumber melon" scented remover :) )  Pour the polish remover onto a paper towel or use the applicator if yours came with one.  Scrub away at that label and adhesive and it will just slide right off.  Quick and easy!  Again, make sure to wash the jar afterwards. 

These two methods are fail-proof.  I have never had a jar label that I couldn't remove using one of these two methods.  Next time you are about to throw out a glass jar think of how easy it is to re-use it and try one of these methods.  Let me know what you think.

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