Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Songs for Samplings - Lowered Prices

Remember those excellent children's music CD's I was telling you about that teach the basic truths of the Bibles (important doctrines) to your kids?  Now they're even CHEAPER!  It's so neat that this family wants to teach with this ministry instead of become rich from it!

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Reaching Hearts by 
Cutting Prices?

Let's start with the exciting part in case you don't have
time to read any further:
We've significantly cut the 
price of Songs for Saplings CDs 
and downloads!

Still have a bit of time on your hands? Read on to
find out why we think it's important to lower our prices.

Eight years ago, in an effort to help our kids memorize
scripture, we put some simple verses to music and
watched as our children learned God's Word without
even trying. Songs for Saplings was born! 

Since then, thanks to God's blessings, we have
produced two preschool CDs and are more than
halfway finished with a six-volume set transforming
107 systematic questions and answers about our
 faith into fun and lively songs.

Along the way, God has also provided opportunities
to share our music with new cultures and
languages--places starving for a richer, deeper
understanding of Him and His Word. We are thankful
to report that we've begun projects in Chichewa
(the language of Malawi), French, Polish, and
Russian. You can learn more about our project 
this summer in Malawi by clicking here. 

As our idea of Songs for Saplings' mission has
progressed over the years God has given us the
 conviction that we should see just how far He
can make use of this music around the world.
As we've reflected on what that means for our
ministry we've realized we need to find new
and creative ways to get our music into the ears
and minds of more listeners, no matter what
language they speak.

One way to accomplish that is to significantly
lower the cost of getting a CD to you from
about $18 to just $9. No shipping costs. No
 handling fees. Just $9. We've cut the price
of downloads, too: all albums downloaded
 via our web site are now just $5.

This isn't a sale. This is a new way of serving
you that is very exciting to us.

Pray for us that we'll be able to extend our
reach with this new pricing and that God would
continue to bless the ministry of Songs for Saplings.

Your friends,

James and Dana Dirksen

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