Saturday, March 24, 2012

Never Buy Onions Again

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Fresh Onions Year Round
Here’s a great tip from MyByrdHouse: Onion Recycling Tutorial:
I learned this tip a couple of years ago and have tried it and found that it works and is quite marvelous. I love to use fresh green onions but am always out or there is a slimy little bag of them in the bottom of the fridge.
Here is my marvelous tip for growing them yourself and recycling a bit.
The trick is to take the cut end (root side) and plant it in a pot, water well, give it some time and voila! You have fresh (and free!) onions at your disposal. This will work for a variety of different onions and the beauty of this tip is that as you use the onions, you replant the cut root ends to grow more. You can use a tub just for onions and haul it indoors during winter months (will need lots of sun) or if it’s just green onions you’re interested in growing, a large flower pot will do.
Please visit the site for complete details, great tip! (This was previously featured in 2008 on Tipnut and moved to this page for better organization).

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