Monday, February 6, 2012

Recycling Candles

Easy Candle Upcycle

How many of you have candles that look like this?

What I usually do is melt my remaining wax in a pan of boiling water and then pour the wax into an ice cube tray and make my own tarts to use with my tea-lite candle wax burner.  However, I may try this idea next!
 This was such an easy project to do.  
You can get  wicks from Michael's or most craft stores and one glass container.  You can use an empty candle jar or get a new one for about $1.

Step 1:  Melt your first candle down completely.  I put mine in a pot of boiling water.  It only took about 5 minutes for the candle to turn to liquid.

Step 2:  Place the new candle wick in your clean jar.  Wrap it around a popsicle stick so it won't fall over.

Step 3:  Pour melted wax into new jar.  Let cool completely.
Step 4:  Once the first layer of wax was completely hard, melt the next candle down on the stove and pour it over the first layer.  Repeat with one more layer or until your glass container is full.
Step 5:  Cut the wick.  Burn and enjoy your new candle!!

Try to combined scents that compliment each other.  One candle has a layer of sparkling vanilla, apple spice and toasted cinnamon spice.  The other one combined summer scents:  caribbean salsa, strawberry shortcake and island colada.

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