Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uses for Newspaper

Here are a few ways I use newspaper in my house:
1. Washing windows/glass/mirrors.  It is great at gently scrubbing off the spots, and it leaves a streak-free shine!  And although you would think the ink would come off on the glass, it doesn't.  It will save you money when you use them instead of paper towels and it works so much better!
2. I use newspaper to cool cookies after they are baked.  It soaks up a little extra grease.  Just lay out newspaper with 2-3 layers and place your warm cookies on them to cool.  And again, the ink doesn't come off as you'd think.  We did this all the time growing up, and I still do!  And, that way you don't run out of room on your cooling racks!
3. It's great to use when starting fires.
4. It makes great wrapping paper.  I mostly use the comic section for this.  It's cute wrapping paper and will save you a ton on wrapping paper!  Harlan has a section every few months of the babies born in the hospital. That would make a cute baby gift wrapping paper.  Be creative!
5. Paper Mache

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  1. Another way to use newspapers this time of year is to wrap all of the unripen tomates when the tomato plants die. Wrap each one in a piece of newspaper, put them all in a shallow box, check them daily for rot/color, and in a week or so you'll have red tomatoes. :)

    And I'm totally trying the washing windows idea later. The kids will love it. :) Thanks!